Westchester County Food Waste Reduction Pilot

Pilot Description

From June 1, 2013, to August 24, 2013 OWARECO in conjunction with Westchester County’s Department of Environmental Facilities conducted a 90-day Food Waste Reduction Pilot Program in Valhalla, NY featuring the Ecovim model 250. An average of 235lbs of food scraps provided daily from the Westchester County Medical Center cafeteria was processed at the H-MRF (Household & Material Recovery Facility). Within 60 days of operation, nearly 14,000 lbs of food scraps were diverted from landfills and reduced to less than 2,000 lbs of soil amendment constituting a 73% reduction in total waste volume.

Food Wastes

A variety of food scraps including meats, bread, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, etc., were provided for processing by one Westchester Medical Center cafeteria and kitchen during the pilot project. The scraps were poured into the Ecovim™ 250 for processing.


The Ecovim™ 250 reduced 13,913 lbs (6.95) of waste down to 3,630 lbs (1.8 tons) and converted it to dry, pathogen-free*, nutrient-rich soil amendment, and reusable water. The 1.8 tons of soil amendment was picked up by Westchester DPW for use in their composting operations.