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Ecovim™ Decomposition Technology

Ecovim™ Thermo-Processing Units are adaptable for any industry, organization, institution, or municipality that produces food and organic waste.


offers a variety of Ecovim™ products with different size processing units.  These units include processing capabilities ranging from 66 pounds to 3300 pounds per day to meet your company’s unique food and organic waste needs and requirements.

Our units are easy to install, maintain, and operate. Take a look at The following video demonstrates the unit’s ease of use in 6 steps.

How It Works


Decomposition and reduction cycles are complete within 24 hours instead of the months required for composting.

Waste Reduction

Waste processing capacity ranges from 66 lbs. to 3300 lbs. with waste reduction rates between 70%-90% in volume.


Waste processing capacity ranges from 66 lbs. to 3300 lbs. with waste reduction between 70%-90% in volume.


On-site waste reduction is very cost-effective. It will reduce the handling and associated hauling fees and costs.

Carbon Footprint

Reduces the frequency of pickups and vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and reduces energy consumption and avoids GHG production


The dry biomass output reduces the attraction and harborage of vermin and vectors from putrescible waste.

Our Product Line

Ecovim™ 66

Weight: 369 lbs.

Input capacity: 66 lbs.

Treatment time: 6-10 hrs.

Power consumption: 1.8 kWh

Dimensions: 31.5" x 27.6" x 31.5”

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Ecovim™ 250

Weight: 705 lbs.

Input capacity: 250 lbs.

Treatment time: 14-15 hrs.

Power consumption: 3.0 kWh

Dimensions: 45.2" x 39.4" x 41.4”

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Ecovim™ 650

Weight: 1433 lbs.

Input capacity: 650 lbs.

Treatment time: 18-21 hrs.

Power consumption: 8.0 kWh

Dimensions: 63.0" x 49.6" x 60.2”

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Ecovim™ 650L

Weight: 2460 lbs.

Input capacity: 1100 lbs.

Treatment time: 18-23 hrs.

Power consumption: 11.0 kWh

Dimensions: 86.6" x 57.1" x 68.9"

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Ecovim™ 2200

Weight: 4100 lbs.

Input capacity: 2200 lbs.

Treatment time: 20-23 hrs.

Power consumption: 16-20 kWh

Dimensions: 110.3" x 70.8" x 74.8”

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Large Scale Operations

The eco-system line of products for large-scale operations processes 2200 to 6600 pounds a day.

Units are built upon request

*Note: Photo unavailable.  On-site unit assembly is required.
Unit configuration may vary due to location requirements.

Ecovim™ 3300

Weight: 5952 lbs.

Input capacity: 3300 lbs.

Treatment time: 20-23 hrs.

Power consumption: 20-23 kWh

Dimensions: 130" x 78.7" x 82.7”

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Ecovim™ Products Are Innovative

They provide features to address some of the common concerns related to organic waste disposal

Unit Construction

Each unit is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel and the decomposition chamber uses heat and mechanical agitation.

Odor Control

The system is equipped with an odor management device to control odors associated with the decomposition process.

Energy Efficiency

The chamber has an oil jacket with substantial insulation and well-sealed inlet and outlet doors so as to minimize energy consumption.


The decomposing chamber can reach 180° F during the processing to ensure that the end product is essentially odor-free.

Installation Requirements

The utility requirements are an electrical source and a condensate line, no venting or fresh water connections are required.

Waste Reduction

The system can reduce compostable waste weight and volume by 75% to 90%. The unit input capacity is 66 lbs. to 3,300 lbs. per cycle.

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