About Owareco

A business focused on providing sustainable, net zero-impact solutions for managing food and organic waste, leveraging advanced technology and research.

A Representative of ECOVIM™ USA

Who We Are

Our focus is on providing innovative waste reduction and conversion system technologies that assist government agencies, institutions, businesses and municipalities reduce costs and achieving their waste diversion goals


Our mission is to educate, promote technology innovation, and foster strategic collaborations that provide sustainable, regenerative solutions for materials management, mitigate climate change and create circular economies.


Our vision is one where each person, community, and nation is educated, committed, and proactively engaged in sustainable and socially responsible practices to restore and preserve our environment and natural resources


Our primary strategy is to provide cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions that assist major producers of food and organic waste reduce their carbon footprint and achieving their waste management goals.


We believe in the importance of preserving the finite resources of the earth through reducing, recycling, and reusing waste, while educating businesses, consumers, and children about conserving finite resources


NYC Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
NYS Minority Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

Reducing Cost. Reusing Waste. Restoring the Environment.

We are passionate about proving products that promote sustainability

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