Xavier University Ohio

Use Case

Xavier Dining has taken several steps to become 100% sustainable; one of which was the purchase of two Ecovim™ machines. They use these units to break down food waste and dry it into blocks to create an odorless end product that Xavier’s Sustainability Club can use as a soil amendment.

Even though we were previously saving their organic waste and sending it to a composting facility, they had hoped to find a better, more cost-effective way to manage their food waste.  The use of the two Ecovim™ units resulted in a 90% reduction in organic waste, allowing them to drastically cut down the number of trips to a landfill.
An additional advantage of using the Ecovim™ units is the use of its by-products: soil amendment and potable water.   The soil amendment is used by the facilities management for campus gardens, landscaping beds, and earth tubs. while the residual water is saved and applied in multiple ways on-site.