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Santa Fe Public Schools

Santa Fe Public Schools has taken the lead to tackle the big problem of methane and greenhouse gas produced by food waste that decomposes in landfills! It is changing the way cafeteria food waste is disposed of by using the Ecovim™ food waste dehydration system. For the Santa Fe School system, it’s about the full sustainability circle- taking yesterday’s food and turning it into tomorrow’s food. From farm to food and back to food again.

According to Lisa Randall, SFPS Energy Conservation Coordinator, “We love this machine. This machine is amazing. Before the Ecovim™, this school was producing 850 cubic yards of trash every school year. That’s 850 pickup truckloads of trash going to the landfill. This machine has cut that in half; which is incredible. That means it’s cut our cost in half. We’re now saving upwards of $200.00 a month by having this machine. The Ecovim™ has a return on investment about the same as solar panels. So I think that’s pretty amazing. It’s not the only reason to purchase an Ecovim™, but it’s an important reason for the taxpayers, for me, for our kids, for our future; the fact that we’re not bringing an added 400 truckloads of trash to a landfill to bury it in a hole for future generations to have to deal with it.”

Ecovim Installations

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